Sugar-laden packaged granola bars are probably not the best breakfast, but a home of homemade granola is subject of debate.


Is Sushi Healthy? What About Granola? Here’s Where Nutritionists Disagree

Hundreds of nutritionists were surveyed to rank popular foods as healthy or unhealthy, and there is surprising disparity

Bacon is bad for you (sorry), and kale is good for you. There are some nutritional facts that are cut and dry but nutritionists disagree on more than you think.  The FDA has announced that it will be reviewing its standards for what can be considered healthy and what will not be.

 The New York Times interviewed hundreds of nutritionists to label foods as healthy or unhealthy and created a plot point graph from that data. As you can imagine, there was some discrepancy, even amongst the so-called professionals.

Some foods in the middle percentile included popcorn, sushi, pork chops, whole milk, steak, and granola. Something these foods have a lot in common: They are high in fat, a notion that has been recently dispelled by the FDA and USDA as an indicator of an unhealthy food.

But nutritional experts as a whole probably know more than the average American. The New York Times also surveyed non-nutritionists, and it turns out that the average consumer believes granola bars, frozen yogurt, orange juice and American cheese are healthier than nutritionists say they are. On the other end of the spectrum, regular people are much more likely to underestimate foods like tofu, hummus, wine, and shrimp as less healthy than they actually are. 

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