This Nutritionist Created the World’s Healthiest Burger With 50 Ingredients

Nutritionist combines 50 healthy ingredients like seaweed and bee pollen to create the healthiest, hangover-busting burger

Sure, it may be healthy, but would you want to eat it?

A burger and fries may sound more like an indulgent meal rather than a healthy one, but not when London nutritionist Libby Lemon is behind the grill. This healthy chef created a 50-ingredient, meatless burger that she claims is the healthiest in the world. Bonus? It can supposedly ease your hangover, too.

Dubbed a “nutria-burger,” the concoction is made with a matcha gluten-free bun and a beet, natto (fermented soybeans), quinoa, and mushroom patty, as well as other unusual ingredients like seaweed cider vinegar, hemp protein powder, activated almonds, white matcha tea powder, heritage tomatoes and bee pollen. The burger is also served with a side of purple and orange sweet potato fries.

If a super-nutritious burger packed with more ingredients than you can imagine sounds tempting, you can enter for a chance to win a free nutria-burger and eat it at the Magpie and Stump, courtesy of Groupon. Sadly, you have to be a UK resident to enter the drawing, so we’ll just sit back with our simple quinoa and Portobello mushrooms.


Not from the UK but want to give it a go yourself? You can also download the recipe for free and try it. One burger gives you an entire day’s serving of fruits and vegetables.