Michelle Obama Reveals Her Family’s Health Scare: ‘That Was a Real Wakeup Call for Us’

First Lady Michelle Obama discusses the reason behind the First Family’s leadership roles as health advocates

The First Lady has been an advocate for health and nutrition through Barrack Obama’s two terms as president.

Thanks to Michelle Obama’s efforts to make nutrition a priority at the White House and across the country, the First Family seems to be the picture of good health. However, in a recent interview with AOL.com, the First Lady revealed that that wasn’t always the case.

“When our girls were young, Barack and I struggled to juggle the demands of our jobs with the needs of our family, and we didn’t always take the time to prepare healthy meals,” Obama said in the interview. “It got to the point where our pediatrician pulled me aside and recommended that we make some changes in how we were eating.”

She then went on to explain that it was a “real wakeup call” for her family, and they immediately started eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as cooking more at home and ordering less takeout.

“We also made sure to have healthy snacks – like fruits and vegetables – out on the counter or on an easily-reachable shelf in the fridge,” she said. “Finally, we found that getting our girls involved in preparing meals helped get them excited about trying new foods.”


Exposing children to nutritious meals is something that the First Lady has been emphasizing through her Let’s Move! Initiative.