This Man Is Eating Only Potatoes for a Year to Curb Food Addiction

Andrew Flinders Taylor of Melbourne is only eating potatoes in 2016 and has already lost 22 pounds

“Potato Man” wasn’t trying to become a total spud, but after one year of eating only one simple food, he just might.

“Potato Man” just may be proof that starchy carbs aren’t as bad for us as we thought.

Andrew Flinders Taylor of Australia is trying to kick a serious food addiction by making the prospect of eating as boring as possible. How? By only consuming potatoes for the entirety of 2016. Taylor calls it the Spud Fit movement. Although the object of his tuber-ific experiment was not weight loss, he has reportedly lost 22 pounds in a month, according to the Daily Mail.

“The bulk, 99 percent of my calories will come from potatoes… and then I’ll just have seasoning and stuff on them,” Taylor explained in a YouTube video. “The last couple of years I’ve not been anywhere near as fit and active as I’d like to be. Today, I weighed myself and, as expected, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.”

But Taylor isn’t spending every day staring at a pile of boiled or mashed potatoes; he’s starting to get creative with the ingredient. He’s uploaded photos of potato pancakes, shredded potatoes, and blanched potatoes topped with barbecue sauce.

In his daily video diaries, Taylor has opened up about how potatoes have helped him overcome his binge eating disorder.


“I’m starting to change the way I think about food and what I’m eating,” he said on day 32. “I changed more from seeing food as a way of getting comfort or a way of getting pleasure or of just spending time… but these days it’s more just about some good quality fuel in the tank.”