Jimmy Kimmel Helps Michelle Obama Promote Campaign To Make You Eat Your 'Effin' Vees'

This week, first lady Michelle Obama showed up as a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her newest healthy eating campaign, FNV. Or as Jimmy Kimmel heard it, "effin' vees."

"As in, eat your effin' vegetables," Kimmel says. Well, not quite.

As you might have guessed, the FNV campaign is short for "fruit and vegetables," and since 2014 Michelle has been enlisting pop culture stars to bring more visibility to the project.  

"What was that?" Michelle asks. "The effin'...?"

"It's the name of the thing," Jimmy says. "Effin' V. Effin' V."

"I think you might be a little confused," Michelle tells him.

Jimmy disagrees, and when Michelle tells him that the "F" stands for "fruit," he misunderstands again.

"Eat your fruit-ing vegetables? Makes no sense at all."

After more speculation from Kimmel, Mrs. Obama manages to clarify that "the 'V' is for 'vegetables,' the 'F' is for 'fruit."

Watch the Abbott and Costello-esque promotional video below: