This Guy Lost 24 Pounds in One Month by Eating 6 Slices of Pizza Every Day

Florida Cyclist Matt McClellan invented a healthy pizza diet and managed to lose 24 pounds and lower his cholesterol in a month

The pizza diet sounds like a click-bait miracle but it’s the real deal.

What if we told you that you could lose weight simply by eating pizza every day? That may sound like an out-of-touch infomercial but don’t touch that dial (or click that mouse), because Florida cyclist Matt McClellan has actually invented a pizza diet: He ate six slices of pizza every day for one month and lost 24 pounds.

The catch? For starters, McClellan is extremely active, exercising at least five hours a week by running, swimming, or cycling. He also doesn’t just pick up a greasy pepperoni slice from the joint down the street: He made sure to only buy whole-wheat crust pizza and pile on the healthy toppings like vegetables and avocado, and when it came to cheese: less was more. After eating a slice of pizza every two hours every day, he lost 24 pounds, lowered his cholesterol significantly, and cut his body fat percentage in half.

"My intent is for people to change their perception of pizza as junk food," McClellan told Pop Sugar. “I don’t expect everyone to do a pizza-only diet.”

Here are some more healthy pizza tips:

-Thin crust is best for low carb-loading.

-Go for the green: Top your pizza with broccoli, spinach, and avocado.


-Add garlic to your sauce because garlic is a known immunity-booster.