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Döhler’s Latest Line of Candy Caters to Manufacturers Targeting Health-Conscious Consumers

The company recently promoted healthy snacks at the ProSweets supplier fair

Alexandra Lande / Shutterstock

The company’s wellness products align with the growing interest of sugar reduction and premium ingredients.  

Natural ingredient company Döhler has launched a new line of candy, including chocolate and gummies, for manufacturers looking to sweeten up a healthy lifestyle.

The products, which were debuted at the ProSweets Cologne 2017 international supplier show in Germany, comprise ingredients from fruit including pectin from apple, juice concentrate, and fruit sugars, according to Confectionery News.

Some of the new products featured at the supplier show were the cactus pear-kiwi gummy and popped quinoa chocolate. The gummy is a soft and sweet candy that contains fructose rather than regular sugar; the chocolate has hints of honeybush extract and strawberry granulates to add a fruity taste.

“The functionality gum is enriched with guarana extract as well as cactus pear juice concentrate and kiwi juice concentrate,” said Antonia Kauter, product manager at Döhler.


“If you eat one serving size of 20 g of this gum it is equivalent to one-and-a-half cups of espresso. So for those of you who do not like energy drinks, or coffee you should go for these kinds of gums to keep you awake.”