Comfort Food Is Not So Comforting: Sugary, Processed Foods Linked to Depression, Study Says



Sure ice cream could be tempting, but if you're over a certain age it could mess with your psyche. 

We all know that a diet rich in sugar-laden foods has physiological consequences like diabetes and weight gain.But a new study suggests that eating too many sweets could put people at risk for depression, especially women.

The study, conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that foods with a high glycemic index, as well as unrefined grains, lead to depression symptoms, especially in post-menopausal women. On the flip side, the study also found that eating foods high in fiber, as well as fruits and vegetables, was associated with significantly lower rates of depression. Sadly, these aren’t usually the foods we eat to alleviate the blues: hence the empty cartons of Ben & Jerry’s lying around the house during a particularly bad breakup.


And if you’re a guy, don’t think you’re off the hook quite yet: The research also points out that men could experience the same mental health effects.