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91-Year-Old Nails Inspiring Gymnastics Routine

It looks like she didn’t even break a sweat

In 2012, German great-grandmother Johanna Quaas wowed crowds with her impeccable strength as the Guinness World Record’s oldest gymnast. Though Quaas, born on November 20, 1925, earned the title at the age of 86, she is proving she’s still got it five years later as another one of her routines has gone viral.

In a competition in Germany, Quaas performed a routine on the parallel bars, going completely vertical, holding a plank in air, and ending with a graceful landing all in a green leotard and without removing her glasses.

The video of Quaas’ routine is currently trending on a Reddit thread, with one user questioning what she eats for her athletic longevity.

“This is hard to wrap my head around. When I watched the video, I thought, ‘They fibbed the age. She has to be 70,’” user NoPatNoDontSitonThat wrote in the thread. “How? Did she catch and eat the chicken to harness its power?”

While Quaas hasn’t revealed the secret to her success, The Daily Meal took a deep-dive into the longevity and potential factors behind it. To read our special report, The Quest for Longevity and What Food Has to Do With It, click here.

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