This Guy Vows to Eat Olive Garden Pasta for 49 Days Straight

This Guy Vows to Eat Olive Garden Pasta for 49 Days Straight
This Guy Vows to Eat Olive Garden Pasta for 49 Days Straight
Olive Garden

We wish him luck on the difficult journey ahead.

Vino has vowed to go where no man has ever gone before. No, he will not set foot on Mars or journey to the center of the Earth, but he will be eating Olive Garden pasta every day for 49 days straight. Vino has purchased one of 100 coveted never-ending pasta passes from Olive Garden, and will be using it to the fullest extent: by eating every meal from Olive Garden for seven weeks, and documenting it on his cleverly-named blog, “All of Garden.”

So far, Vino is a week in, and has treated us to some hilariously exaggerated, poetic blog posts about his journey. In the blog’s “About” section, Vino outlines his quest with this description: “My name is Vino, and I am going to eat all the pasta. No man's hand will stay my fork. No woman's love will sway my heart. No doctor's order will restore my cholesterol.”

Sounds like a good start. A week in, miraculously, Vino is not yet sick of eating Olive Garden pasta, and writes, “Today's dinner marked the end of my first of seven weeks of eating nothing but Olive Garden's food, and I couldn't be happier with my life as it stands in this very moment. Life seems full of color, the future seems full of possibility, and I seem full of pasta. I admit that when I started the journey, I had my misgivings. To paraphrase the Bible: man shall not live by breadsticks alone. Yet here I stand, a testament to the raw power and conviction of a man with a dream.”

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