Gordon Ramsay is Being Sued…Again

Chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay is being sued again for his failed restaurant, ‘The Fat Cow’

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The ghost of Gordon Ramsay’s failed Fat Cow restaurant won’t leave him be.

Another day, another lawsuit against Gordon Ramsay. This time, the TV personality and chef is being sued by the former landlord of his failed Los Angeles restaurant, The Fat Cow for not coughing up the cash for his alleged $52,000-per-month long-term lease. The Daily Meal reported in April that The Fat Cow has had a host of problems (besides failing to attract LA eaters). First the restaurant got into a name copyright dispute with another Fat Cow restaurant, and then Ramsay’s former business partner at the restaurant sued him for cutting him out of his share of the business.

Now, as TMZ reported, the landlord wants a piece of the beef, and is asking for $6 million in damages.

Gordon Ramsay’s spokespeople responded to this latest lawsuit with the comment, “It’s the unfortunate, but inevitable normal procedure resulting from Rowen Seibel's gross mismanagement of the restaurant and diversion of funds from the business that lead to a string of financial and legal issues.”

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