France Bristles Against UK ‘Threat’ to Dethrone it as World Culinary King

France has launched a gastrono-diplomacy campaign against perceived British world-class culinary coup
France Bristles Against UK ‘Threat’ to Dethrone it as World Culinary King
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Perhaps the French will wage a full-scale culinary war against the U.K.

“The British are cooking! The British are cooking!” Perhaps this will be France’s rallying war cry in their new, seemingly-spiteful new campaign against perceived Anglo-Saxon threats to “dethrone” France as the undisputed culinary capital of the world. According to the French foreign minister, English-speaking nations are attempting to degrade French cuisine, and claim that it is no longer as good as it once was.

So he is calling upon a “gastrono-diplomacy” drive, which would ease immigration rules to allow foreign cooks to train under famous French chefs, as well as an initiative to introduce French cuisine to embassies around the world.

"There is on the part of the Anglo-Saxons an attempt to dethrone us, to say that France used to be good but that it's lost its edge," Philippe Faure, former French ambassador to Mexico, Morocco, and Japan, told The Telegraph.

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Also pertinent to the French cuisine crusade are Michelin-starred super-chefs Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoy, who will act as generals in this quest to secure the French “Iron Chef throne,” and will draw up their own plans to tell the world: there’s nothing like French cuisine out there.