Federal Donuts Honors David Lynch with ‘Lynchian Donuts'

Federal Donuts will honor artist and director David Lynch with a series of doughnuts inspired by his work, and the man himself
Twin Peaks

Agent Dale Cooper considers the doughnut.

In honor of the upcoming David Lynch museum exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts debuting September 12, Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts will pay homage to Lynch’s “known proclivity for coffee and fried cake rings” with a series of Lynchian Donuts, available at the exhibit opening and in Federal Donuts stores beginning September 13.

Chef Mike Solomonov (half of Cook + Solo) collaborated with co-chef Matt Fein to create flavors “inspired by Lynch’s gloriously weird work in film and television, as well as by the man himself.”

From the Federal Donuts team: “Good Coffee and Cherry Pie donuts recall two edible characters from Twin Peaks, as well as Winky’s Diner in Mulholland Drive. We can’t tell you the flavor of Blue Velvet, but it is as delicate, fierce and mysterious as Dorothy Valens herself. A real-life diner, Bob’s Big Boy, provided creative space for Lynch to think when he visited daily for a chocolate malted milkshake. Who knows what our malt-dusted donut version could inspire?”

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