You Can Now Order an Ariana Grande Drink at Starbucks

The comparison to Starbucks is a joke Ariana has heard many times, but now she finally has her own super-sweet latte creation
You Can Now Order an Ariana Grande Drink at Starbucks

I got one more problem with you, Ariana Grande latte. And it’s a sugar crash.

 It started out as a joke, but now Ariana Grande has been transformed from a pint-sized pop star into a less-than-pint-sized Starbucks drink. Well, not really.

But you can actually order an Ariana Grande latte at your local Starbucks, thanks to one brave Buzzfeed reporter who asked her local Starbucks barista to make up an Ariana Grande drink on the spot. 

Even though rumor has it that Starbucks baristas hate making “secret menu items” that require a whole mess of ingredients and hold up the line, this barista was apparently super excited to get crazy with the syrups. The result? A “young and playful” drink that started off with a vanilla bean and raspberry Frappuccino base (a.k.a. the cotton candy Frappuccino off of the secret menu), mocha syrup, extra mocha chips, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. It sounds like a sickeningly sweet overload to us, but apparently it was a “disco techno circus party” in her mouth.

Ariana Grande fans have pointed out that the singer is actually vegan, so they’d need to switch out milk for soy to make it an authentic experience. 

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