You Can Actually Send Taco Emojis Now (Sort Of)

This adorable cartoon taco is called a ‘Taco Wink’ and is available via the JustWink app on the Apple Watch

It’s not officially part of the emoji keyboard, but it’s still the world’s first ‘social taco.’

With the new emoji keyboard update, the diversity of your animated character-sending abilities is almost limitless. The update for Apple devices includes a variety of skin colors, international flags, and gay couples and families. But there’s one notable missing link: no taco emoji, despite desperate pleas from taco fans.JustWink, an app from American Greetings, has remedied this terrible oversight with the introduction of the first-ever send-able “Social Taco,” also known as the “Taco Wink.” This adorably coy tortilla, stuffed with meat and lettuce, even winks at its lucky recipients.

You can get the taco on the JustWink app, available for Apple Watch users. Unfortunately, if you don’t want to drop $350 on a taco “emoji” (because that’s how much an Apple Watch costs), you’re out of luck. But if you have the regular mobile app for e-greeting cards, there are plenty of taco greeting cards to choose from.JustWink is celebrating the new e-taco capabilities by setting up taco trucks outside of Apple stores in New York during the first few days of the release of the Apple Watch. If you buy an Apple Watch, you get a free taco. Get your tacos this weekend at the Fifth Avenue, SoHo, and Meatpacking District locations.


You can also get real-life Mexican food, because Chipotle now accepts delivery orders from Apple Watch customers.