Yankees Legend Goose Gossage Reveals the Key to a Healthy Athlete’s Diet

Goose Gossage tells us about the importance of protein both before a game and in the dugout
Goose Gossage may have been a Yankees pitcher, but he knows a thing or two about nutrition.

Flickr: Photo Modified/Chris Evans/CC License 2.0

Goose Gossage may have been a Yankees pitcher, but he knows a thing or two about nutrition.

Goose “Louisiana Lightning” Gossage is best known for his sweet moustache and mean fastball, but we caught up with the former New York Yankee to talk about something other than the pinstripes: athlete nutrition. Gossage, now retired, is partnering with Hormel to spread the word on the importance of protein, especially when it comes to kids and athletes.

What’s your favorite way to get protein?

Peanut butter was always a staple. I grew up on peanut butter, and I always kept it in the house for my kids. I usually didn’t eat in the dugout, but I sometimes liked to have Skippy peanut butter and snacked on it in between innings. I’m living proof that peanut butter works.

What’s the key to an athlete staying healthy?

You hear of a lot of guys getting into routines, which is definitely important. Having a good dinner at home before you take off to the next game, making sure you get enough protein I think is super important. As active as a major league baseball season is, people don’t realize the amount of fuel it takes to play 162 games. The way you eat is definitely going to benefit you, but if you don’t provide your body with the fuel it takes to play baseball, you won’t have a stellar career.

Besides peanut butter, what did you eat in the dugout?

We tried to take care of it before the game, being a relief pitcher; I did not like to eat during the game so much. I didn’t like to feel any food in my stomach, but if I did, it was all about protein.

What’s your advice for getting kids to stay healthy?


For kids, just staying hydrated as a huge thing, but also keeping your fuel up. If your kid id active, you have to feed your body the fuel that it needs to burn. Obviously protein is important in that situation.