WWE Star Treated Homeless People to Dinner, but the Restaurant Was Not Happy About It

Titus O’Neil tried to take a few homeless people to the San Diego Yard House but was initially refused service

Titus O’Neil (on the left) is a WWE Superstar, but he has a big heart.

Titus O’Neil may play a violent wrestler on TV, but he’s an empathetic superstar in person.The six-foot-four, 270-pound WWE wrestler recently tried to treat two homeless San Diego people to dinner at the Yard House restaurant.Surprisingly, the restaurant manager was reluctant to serve him and his two guests. So, according to O’Neil’s Instagram account, he gathered an even larger group of local homeless and needy folks the next day for lunch, and received a completely different response. 

 “I'm not a fan of injustice or prejudice of any sort towards anybody,” he wrote in a follow-up Instagram post. “There were many times that I had to go without as a youth because of a Lack of financial resources. Now I have the opportunity to do the exact thing that others did for me when I had nothing to give them in return… Love others! Thanks to those that accepted help and those that treated my guest at lunch.”


'Whatever you do for the least of these brothers & sisters of mine, you did for me' - Matthew 25:40 Thank you @usatoday @sbnation @bleacherreport and Every other Media outlet, Individual or group that shared this via Social Media&Other Various Platforms. My intent with act was Not a Mean spirited one towards @yardhouse in San Diego, but it was A Conscience Effort to relay a Bigger Message to the Masses that Look down on those that they don't Relate to. We're all one Situation away from having our lives turned upside down whether it be via Health issues, A loss of a loved one or Becoming Homeless We ALL Are People that can and will deal with struggles of all sorts and its up to those that understand this to continue to Bring Light to the Places and issues that are Deemed Dark. @wwe had Nothing to do with Why I did what I did so for those that want to throw shade towards me or @WWE It falls on deaf ears. Hopefully at some point you too will use your platform to Promote,Produce&Permit Positive Change in this world. @WWE Superstar is What I Do for A Living, It's NOT Who I AM For A Living. I Have A Family,Friends& A University @uflorida That Can Attest to the Man That I Am and As Long As God Is Pleased and My Family is Proud of The Man that I Am I'm Good. #ContentOfCharacter Drives Me Not The Media,Money or Fame...All of that is Superficial&Stereotypical, the Life that God allows me to Live is for One Purpose...His Glory!!Im Blessed to be a Blessing and So are you...Question is..Will you act on what you are Blessed to do? With Love, THANK YOU ALL!! #AllLivesMatter

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Last year in Los Angeles, O’Neil treated a homeless man to dinner and invited him to the taping of a WWE show, according to The San Diego Tribune.