The President’s daughter: Just like a regular American teenager! Who’da thunk?

Would Dad Approve? Malia Obama Caught on Snapchat Playing Beer Pong

A Snapchat allegedly shows the eldest Obama daughter at a party with beer pong during a visit to Brown University

Someone alert the Secret Service!

A candid Snapchat allegedly shows President Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama hanging out at a college party with beer pong, during her visit to Brown University. (Note: the 17 year old is not actually shown drinking beer in the sneaky photo, but a game of beer pong can be seen off in the corner.)

The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller

College kids at the party were understandably excited about Malia’s visit.

Secret Service apparently were aware of the situation, because they were waiting outside the party just in case anything got out of hand. The Daily Caller got its hands on the photos which picture the First Daughter standing around at the party, with a Snapchat caption reads, “Malia Obama is my next best friend!”

Although Malia is too young to drink (technically), many people have pointed out that the Bush twins’ partying ways were much crazier:

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