This Woman Has Turned Pasta Into Colorful Works of Art

Linda Miller Nicholson’s social media accounts are filled with stunning photos of her superfood-dyed pasta art

These color-rich noodles are almost too pretty to eat.

When food writer Linda Miller Nicholson was trying to come up with a solution to her son’s picky eating habits, she began experimenting with colorful pasta. She found that he gobbled up green pasta made with kale, and thus began her passion for making colorful macaroni, according to an interview with Mother Nature Network.

Nicholson’s homemade pasta sheets range from tie-dye, stripe, and floral patterns to miniature scenes printed on filled pastas. Each creation is more stunning than the last. The best part? She doesn’t dye the pastas; the colorful patterns are instead created from vegetables, fruits, and spices. For instance, pappardelle printed with purple flowers in the grass is made with kale, chard, peas, beets, and blueberries from her garden.


Image Courtesy of The Salty Seattle

"I like to convey messages and challenge people to think outside the box with my work,” Nicholson said, “so I've dipped my toe in politically motivated pasta, tackled racial and social justice issues, and generally hope to convey unity, hope, tolerance and joy through pasta. I realize that sounds like a tall order, but we all have tiny ways we can make a difference, and this is mine."


You can find the rest of her work — including pasta with emojis and musical score-shaped noodles — on Facebook and Instagram under the handle @SaltySeattle.