We Rank the Best Food & Drink Commercials From Super Bowl 50

You won’t want to miss these commercials: They’re hilarious, they have star power, and one even brings back a dead celebrity

Willem Dafoe in a dress or Helen Mirren chastising us? It’s going to be a tough call.

You’ve got your Buffalo wing dip ready, you memorized The Daily Meal’s tips on how to throw an awesome Super Bowl party, and you’re absolutely ready for kickoff on Sunday.But let’s face it, while Super Bowl 50 may technically be a showdown between The Denver Broncos and The Carolina Panthers, most of us are probably only in it for the commercials and the excuse to party.

Unfortunately, the connected generation is used to instant media gratification, so almost all of the Super Bowl commercials are available on YouTube ahead of time, which allows us to thoroughly rank and discuss the ads before the pre-game show even starts.

The Daily Meal ranked the six most memorable food and drink commercials that will be officially airing this Sunday, and as a bonus, picked the most cringe-worthy commercial that made us want to change the channel back to the Puppy Bowl.

#6: Doritos: Technically, this advertisement is a teaser commercial because Doritos is keeping its Crash the Super Bowl contest winner under-wraps until game day. This nostalgia fest is a “Remember When” of past Doritos commercials set to Vitamin C’s “Graduation.” You can check out the Crash the Super Bowl finalists here.

#5: Heinz: Heinz turns wiener dogs (dachshunds) into real hot dogs with this endearing slow-mo ad. Honestly, who doesn’t love a stampede of puppies? Points are always awarded for adorable animals.

#4: Snickers: This cheeky ad puts Willem Dafoe in a dress and brings everyone’s favorite Hollywood siren, Marilyn Monroe, back to life in high-definition. What’s not to love?

#3: Budweiser: Budweiser usually hits us with tearjerker vignettes of puppies and Clydesdale horses, but this time they tackle the very serious subject of drunk driving with Dame Helen Mirren throwing shade on drunk drivers. This commercial made us realize that we could tirelessly listen to Helen Mirren scold us about anything for hours on end.

#2: Avocados From Mexico: Avocados From Mexico is a newcomer to the usual crowd of big name game day advertisers, but it came out of the gate sprinting with a hilarious commercial about aliens who poke fun at the human civilization, from our primary language (emojis), to “the white and gold dress that started a Civil War.” Plus, it has Chachi from Happy Days and he’s always a welcome sight.

#1: Bud Light: This year’s commercial from Bud Light hits all the right buttons: It’s got star power thanks to Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Amy Poehler; hilarious quips from the latter two; loud sexual innuendos; and a not-so-subtle satire of our current political atmosphere. We would probably vote for Rogen and Poehler for president in real life.

Bonus Award for Most Cringe-Worthy Commercial — Mountain Dew: Watch the video below if you must, but the monstrosity that is Puppymonkeybaby will be haunting our dreams tonight.