WATCH: What if McDonald’s Advertised Like Apple?

BuzzFeed Video put together a hilarious parody commercial that managed to mock both Apple and McDonald’s at the same time

The iconic Apple marketing strategy plus McDonald’s products makes for an entertaining video.

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, we all recognize the particular marketing methodology of the technology brand: Soft, inspirational music plays in the background while the soothing voice of an Apple executive introduces us to the latest gadgets in the Apple universe, often by using dramatic terminology like “create something extraordinary” and “enhanced but refined.”BuzzFeed combined Apple’s sleek advertising with McDonald’s fast food, exploring the question we never knew we needed the answer to: What if McDonald’s advertised like Apple?

During the two and a half-minute long video, a “fast food developer” offers a glimpse of the “new” McDonald’s products. Fry combines “several types of oil to create one substance called Smart Grease” also known as, “enhanced food for the modern world.” Nugget is “what happens when machinery meets meat.”

The video even utilizes Steve Jobs’ catchphrase, “oh and one more thing” to introduce the final McApple product, the Mac (of course). The Mac is the result of “refining, refining, and refining basic ingredients.”

Check out the rest of the clever parody video from BuzzFeed below: