WATCH: Sesame Street Parodies Your Favorite Romantic Comedy in ‘When Cookie Met Sally’

The infamous deli scene is family-friendly this time, obviously

An uptight, by-the-book Sally develops an unlikely friendship with the devil-may-care Cookie Monster in a spot-on parody.

“One day, Cookie met Sally in a famous deli in New York City,” begins this adorable parody of When Harry Met Sally from Sesame Street.

The deli, of course, is Katz’s Delicatessen — one of The Daily Meal’s own Best Sandwich Shops in America —  and the scene has been edited carefully for a general audience.

Cookie, who makes a scene by cutting ahead of several Muppets waiting patiently for a turn at the deli counter, is immediately recognized by Sally, who once gave him a ride to New York. “You only eat cookies at dessert,” Cookie scoffs at her.

Undeterred, Sally schools Cookie Monster on the etiquette of waiting in line — an important, if annoying, necessity of living in the city. 

Watch the full parody clip below: