Watch: Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson) Sings an Ode to Whisky

While he had some free time from 'Parks and Recreation,' the actor made a music video about something he truly loves

Nick Offerman sings about his love for whisky, woodworking, and his horse, Flowers. 

While you’re waiting for the final season of Parks and Recreation — which will feature back-to-back episodes each week beginning January 13 — you might be interested to know that Nick Offerman has just written and filmed a music video for a song called “My Tales of Whisky.”

It should come as no surprise that the song is a love letter to Scottish whisky, distilled by Oban and Lagavulin, to be specific.

Though it can often be difficult to find the difference between Offerman and his Parks and Recreations persona Ron Swanson, we’d venture to guess that Swanson probably wouldn’t record a music video in which he says, “When my plans go off-course, I’ll go have a good think on my horse. I could meditate in the saddle for hours if I could just drink and ride Flowers — my horse’s name is Flowers.”

Watch My Tales of Whiskey from Nick Offerman below: