WATCH: This Couple Got Drunk and Made a Hilarious Video About Themselves for Their Wedding

Justin Willman and Jill Sipkins shot a tipsy video of their relationship history and showed it at their wedding

That’s one creative way to answer the eternal question, “so, how did you two meet?”

Here’s one way to make wedding preparations more tolerable in the weeks leading up to the big day: get rip-roaringly drunk with your significant other, make an endearingly hilarious video about your relationship history, and show it to your wedding guests.That’s exactly what Justin Willman and Jill Sipkins did, and now their video, inspired by Comedy Central’s Drunk History, has gone viral.

The couple drank a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine, and half a bottle of vodka, all with a little help from their friends. And then they made this fairly entertaining re-enactment video — it goes on for 12 minutes — all while getting tipsier and tipsier.

They met while Justin was doing magic as an opening act for a Seth Rogan charity show that his future wife was photographing. After several Instagram likes and meet-cutes, they went on a first date a year and a half later. As Justin slurs toward the end of the sweet video, “I was thinking in the back of my head, ‘oh my gosh, I could marry you,’ and she was probably thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I’m on a date with a magician.’”

Watch the video below.