WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Melt A Meteorite To Make A Kitchen Knife, Like A Badass

When it comes to Anthony Bourdain, we've learned to expect the unexpected. From eating foul-smelling fermented shark to swallowing live maggots, is there anything this man is incapable of doing?In his latest project, a YouTube series in collaboration with Balvenie Distillery called Raw Craft, Bourdain learns the techniques of craftsmen and -women from around the country — and literally plays with fire.

During this mesmerizing episode, Bourdain learns how to make kitchen knives using a welding hammer, molten rock, and an ancient Japanese stacking method used to create katana blades. His tutor is Bob Kramer, known as the maker of the world's greatest knives, and one of just 122 recognized master bladesmiths According to The Nerdist, Kramer's knives fetch quite a bit at auctions because they're all made from real meteorite, or as he likes to call them, "star stones."

"Bob Kramer is clearly out of his mind," Bourdain says in the video. "This process is so difficult and so long — it's insane to work this hard to improve something as utilitarian as a knife, you'd think. But at the end of the day, what comes out is so unique and so beautiful; all I can say is that I want that kind of crazy."

Watch the full episode below.