Watch This Adorable Prairie Dog Eating Snacks in a Tiny Dress

TonNam the prairie dog is a real snacker; she loves to nibble on cheese, carrots, and more

Sometimes all we need is an adorable viral video pick-me-up.

Who said dogs, cats, and piglets had a monopoly on adorable animal videos? TonNam the prairie dog is a social media star in her own right. In this video below, which has gone viral, you can see her adorable furry hands nibbling on cheese, carrots, and lettuce. Bonus: She’s wearing tiny, adorable human clothes like a fuzzy baby doll. Watch TonNam steal hearts below:

Can’t get enough? Luckily, this tiny prairie dog star has both an Instagram and a Twitter account where her owner, whose social media handle is Pimpa_wan, shares photos and videos of TonNam in various outfits, eating food, drinking water from a bottle, and just hanging out. The captions are in Thai, so she seems to be living it up in Thailand.

Curious to get your own prairie dog? In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration lifted the ban on keeping prairie dogs as domestic pets, but they’re still pretty rare, and you are unlikely to find them sold at any old local pet shop.


Perhaps TonNam would get along well with the squirrel who regularly eats tiny ice cream cones.