Uber Is Bringing Little Nero's, The Pizza Chain From 'Home Alone' To Life Today

We were as shocked as Kevin McCallister when we found out that the movie Home Alone is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this classic holiday movie's silver anniversary, Uber is bringing Little Nero's — the fictional pizzeria from the 1990 movie — to life.

Hungry Home Alone fans can celebrate with a "lovely cheese pizza just for you" (or any pizza order, really).If you order from UberEATS in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco on November 6, your order will come from a local pizzeria (Numero 28 in New York), disguised in a special Little Nero's pizza replica box, along with a redemption code for a digital HD download of the movie.

The promotion only runs for one day, so make sure to order those pizzas fast. And if you really want to confuse your delivery guy, we recommend communicating with him using lines from a loud gangster movie. Although, we can't imagine threatening to pump your delivery guy's guts full of lead will go over too well with UberEATS.

Home Alone will also be shown at various movie theaters across the country in honor of the film's anniversary.