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'Top Chef' Joins 'MasterChef' With Kids Cooking Competition Spinoff

The show will air on NBCUniversal's network, Universal Kids

It looks like Top Chef is following suit after MasterChef and Chopped with a junior cooking competition showcasing young cooks in the kitchen. The show, set to debut in October 2017, has signed off on a 14-episode season.

The show will be hosted by Australian chef Curtis Stone and actress and wife of '90s boyband singer Nick Lachey, Vanessa, People reported. The show will feature 12 competitors ages 9 through 14, with kid-friendly versions of Top Chef'sRestaurant Wars” and “Conveyor Belt.”

But this isn't the first time Top Chef has attempted a spinoff of the original cooking show — the brand has also launched Top Chef Duels, which ended after only one season, Top Chef: Just Desserts, which had a two-season run, and Top Chef Masters, which ran for five seasons. Two of the shows, Top Chef Duels and Top Chef Masters, were also hosted by Stone.

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