These Trending Galaxy-Printed Desserts Are Hypnotically Beautiful

The newest Pinterest and Instagram trend is baked goods decorated with a swirling purple and black galaxy aesthetic

“In the beginning, galaxy cupcakes were created. This has made a lot of people hungry and has widely been considered a delicious trend.”

Galaxy desserts are our newest favorite Instagram dessert trend since our glossy, colorful cakes obsession last month. Galaxy desserts come in all varieties — doughnuts, cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, truffle balls, and more.They each have one thing in common: Their surface is decorated to look like the swirling, purple, inky blackness of the galaxy with stardust, and even miniature sugary renditions of the Milky Way galaxy.

Here are some of our favorites below:


A galaxy themed birthday cake I made recently. #galaxycake #vscofood #cake #basel

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More like artwork than baked goods, these sweet treats are almost too stunning to eat. (But we’ll probably binge eat a whole tray anyway):



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We’ll take these over rainbow-imprinted everything any day of the week.


I want to devour these vegan galaxy donuts by @sobeautifullyraw

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