Strawberry Smoothies Forever: What Would a Beatles Cookbook Look Like?

The trending hashtag #BeatlesCookbook has unearthed some extraordinary plays on words based on the Fab Four’s songs
Strawberry Smoothies Forever: What Would a Beatles Cookbook Look Like?

We’d travel across the umami-verse to taste some of these Beatles-inspired dishes.

What if the greatest band of all time had been a quartet of cooks instead of musicians? The Twitterverse contemplated this question with the trending hashtag #BeatlesCookbook. Tweeps have quipped various puns, plays on words, and alliterative phrases that combine the well-known song titles and lyrics from the Beatles song anthology with food. Frankly, we can’t think of a better use of our social media time. And we would definitely buy the cookbook, by the way.

Now, don’t twist and shout: We’ve rounded up some of our favorites making the rounds on Twitter, from the clever and quick to the downright hilarious.

Lovely Pita From IHeartRadio

Maxwell’s Silver Hamburger covered with Mean Mr. Mustard From Paul_Dini

Lucy Eating Pie with Almonds From Jen Govey

Happiness is a Warm Bun From Ms. Sonia Rossi

I Saw Her Straining Pears From Roger Parrow

We Can Wurst it Out From Jenn Savage

And our favorite….

Pick up the rice in a church where a wedding has been. Live in a dream. Wait by the window. Serves Fab 4 From VenusDeMileage

Now, for the Benefit of Mr. Tripe, please stop the punny madness before it gets out of control.

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