Someone Turned a Burger King Toy Into a Working Game Boy Color

Someone had the genius idea of connecting a Raspberry Pi Zero system to an old Burger King kids’ meal toy, and it really works

A little ingenuity goes a long way.

If you were a tween in early ‘00s, you might remember the seriously awesome Game Boy toys that came with your Burger King kids’ meal. They may have only been pre-programmed to work with one analog game, but they were like the Hit Clips of pocket gaming.Now, nearly 16 years later, some genius decided to combine a Raspberry Pi Zero computer system with his old Burger King toy to create a real working Game Boy Color.

According to Kotaku, the Game Boy has a two-inch LD screen display and can run Game Boy Color, as well as Game Boy Advanced games. With the modifications, the former “display-only” buttons actually work and can play the games directly from the Adafruit and Retropie software emulator.

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You can see the Game Boy in action here. For those of us who don’t feel tech savvy enough to build a gaming system out of a cheap toy, users on this Reddit thread figured it out themselves and were selling their programming masterpieces for $250.