Ryan Gosling Eats His Cereal in Memory of Deceased Creator of Popular Meme

Ryan McHenry, who died from cancer, created the viral meme of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat a bowl of cereal
Ryan Gosling Eats His Cereal in Memory of Deceased Creator of Popular Meme

Ryan meets Ryan: a touching tribute to a hilarious guy.

Unless you know the backstory, a six-second video of Ryan Gosling eating a bowl of cereal and raising his spoon in silent solidarity would probably seem perplexing at best.

 Two years ago, Vine user Ryan McHenry started the blog Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal, featuring Vines of McHenry filming himself watching Ryan Gosling movies. In each short Vine, McHenry lifted a spoonful of cereal up to the screen at the same time that on-screen Gosling turned his head away — hence the name of the blog. 

The Vines were silly, fun, and became wildly popular despite their simple premise. McHenry, sadly, died this past weekend after a two-year battle with bone cancer. He started the blog around the time when he received his diagnosis. After his death, fans of the blog and the heartthrob actor started a social media campaign to ask Gosling to eat a bowl of cereal in McHenry’s memory. Late Monday, Gosling posted the sweet tribute to the fallen Internet comedian. He chose cornflakes.

Gosling followed up Vine up with heartfelt wishes for McHenry’s grieving family.

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