President Obama Joked That He and Biden Wouldn’t Get Served Pizza in Indiana

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year was full of witty one-liners from speakers and the president himself
President Obama Joked That He and Biden Wouldn’t Get Served Pizza in Indiana
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The best way to discuss subjects that make the entire nation feel uncomfortable is to make a witty quip.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the glitzy annual event (also known as “nerd prom”) during which the White House and Hollywood collide, is a chance for the president, Congress, and other government officials to loosen their ties just a little and honor gifted young journalists. It’s also an opportunity for the president to show off his comedic skills. Both President Obama and the evening’s host, SNL’s Cecily Strong, had several one-liners that got chuckles and smirks from the normally stoic government crowd. But Obama’s best biting remark had to be this one:

"I love that man," Obama said, talking about toothy Vice President Joe Biden. "We've gotten so close that some places in Indiana won't serve us pizza anymore.”

The reference, for those who did not catch it, was to an Indiana pizzeria, Memories Pizza, whose owners stated that if a gay couple hypothetically wanted them to cater their wedding, they would have to refuse based on their religious beliefs. The outpouring of criticism that followed led to the fall of the pizzeria, and its eventual resurrection through a very successful GoFundMe campaign. 

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