Potato Salad Is America's Favorite Barbecue Side, Budweiser Says

Barbecue — one of America's greatest outdoor, smoky pastimes — is about to be celebrated en masse this Labor Day weekend.In a survey released by Budweiser, 2,000 American adults were asked about their barbecue preferences and some of the results were surprising.

Most Americans (62 percent) prefer potato salad as their must-have barbecue side dish, but a surprising number of survey responders (58 percent) also enjoy noshing on potato chips. To no one's shock, the good, old-fashioned cheeseburger made with American cheese was the No. 1 meat of choice, although only 38 percent of Americans put avocado on their burgers, which seems low considering avocado's popularity. Less than half of us put bacon on our burgers, and a measly 10 percent reach for veggie burgers instead.

In a unique turn of events, more people prefer barbecuing chicken (40 percent) over steak (37 percent) and ribs (32 percent), which could be attributed to Oxford University's carcinogen warning for red meat.

The majority of respondents told Budweiser that they preferred to wash down their heaping plates of 'cue with a glass of domestic beer (guess which brand the survey singles out?), with 70 percent of women agreeing that American beer is more "genuine and approachable" than foreign brews.