Pet Python Loves Kitchen Tongs So Much He Swallows Them Whole, Gets Surgery

Winston the python swallowed the tongs after eating a rat

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

His owner tried to take the tongs away at first, but it’s pretty hard to wrestle a python. 

Winston, the pet python of Adelaide, Australia resident Aaron Rouse, got himself into quite the pickle when he developed such an attachment to kitchen tongs that he later needed surgery to remove them.

Rouse had been using the tongs to feed Winston a rat when the snake suddenly latched onto the tongs and wouldn’t let go.

Rouse decided to let Winston hold onto the tongs for the time being, but was horrified when he came back later to discover that Winston had completely swallowed them.

“I was dumbfounded,” Rouse told ABC Adelaide.

He quickly contacted a veterinary expert at Adelaide University, Dr. Oliver Funnell.

“You could basically see the shape of the tongs, and there's a small clip that you slide forward to lock them and you could actually see the outline of that through the snake,” Dr. Funnell said. “You could even see the bumps on the end of the tongs.”

Luckily for Winston, the vet was able to perform surgery to remove the tongs, and the python is now in recovery. 

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