This Is the Only Place Anthony Bourdain Will Never Eat

an interview with Bon Appétit, Anthony Bourdain is just as colorful as ever, and rants about his disdain for airplane food
Bourdain has offered some strong and controversial opinions over the years

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Bourdain has offered some strong and controversial opinions over the years.

Anthony Bourdain has eaten some strange delicacies, from fermented shark in Iceland to cobra heart in Saigon, but there’s one place you’ll never catch him eating: on an airplane. In an interview with Bon Appétit Magazine, the famous TV personality with no shortage of controversial, spitfire opinions, expanded on his loathing of airplane food.

“No one has ever felt better after eating plane food. I think people only eat it because they’re bored. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry,” he said. “For a super-long flight, I’d order cheese and a sh*t load of port. I’d eat some cheese and drink myself stupid.”

The list of foods and drinks he critiques in the Bon Appétit interview goes on:

Fancy, hipster coffee: “I don’t want to wait for my coffee. I don’t want some man-bun, Mumford and Son motherf***er to get it for me.”

Room service: “If you really want to send yourself into a tragic spiral of depression, call down for a room service hamburger when you’re alone in your room. You will inevitably be disappointed and more than likely sent into a manic-depressive state for days.”

Salad in any country with questionable water.


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