New York Yankees Announce Two-Foot Cheesesteak and More Crazy Concessions

The New York Yankees announced new concessions for the 2016 season including the giant cheesesteak and a pastrami burger

This cheesesteak is half the size of A-Rod’s bat.

The New York Yankees have finally announced their new concessions for the 2016 season and they’re pretty wild: Let’s hope these new food options aren’t a swing and a miss.

The highlight of this year’s snacks for Bronx Bombers fans is the Tape Measure Cheesesteak, a two-foot cheesesteak topped with shredded beef and Cheez Whiz. The Yankees have also opened The Big Cheese, a stand featuring artisan grilled cheese sandwiches like a French onion grilled cheese.

There are also a few other concessions with quirky names like the G.O.A.T. (or the Greatest of All Time burger) topped with bacon AND pastrami, the Barnyard Wedding (a burger topped with fried chicken cutlet, shredded potato hash browns, BBQ sauce, and aged Cheddar cheese on a toasted bun), and spicy Buffalo chicken fingers.

New vendors this year include the New York classic soup chain Hale and Hearty, Linda’s Brooklyn-Style Egg Creams, and the “Weigh Station,” a “customizable international food experience” that will change every game. There will also be added craft beer selections like Blue Point Lager and Catskill Brewery so fans no longer have to down a Bud every other inning.


And yes, you’ll still be able to get customized nachos, ice cream, and Dippin’ Dots in miniature Yankee helmets (just not all together in one helmet quite yet).