She apparently said her mother wouldn’t let her eat grits because it was food for poor people.

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Naomi Judd Accused of Calling Grits ‘Slave Food,’ Denies All Allegations

Country singer Naomi Judd has been accused by Ray J of calling grits ‘slave food,’ but she denies ever having said that

Country star Naomi Judd has been put in the hot seat and forced to defend her morals after singer Ray J accused her of calling grits “slave food” on the new reality show My Kitchen Rules. But both Judd and the showrunners are denying the words were ever said, according to TMZ.

According to Ray J, Lance Bass — another competitor on the show — said he and his mom would eat shrimp and grits growing up, and in response, Judd said she wasn’t allowed to eat grits because her mom called them “slave food.”

But show producers played back the raw footage and insisted that she had instead said that “grits are for poor people.” The latter statement is still not the most politically correct or culturally aware statement, but it’s better than making a flippant slave reference.

Ray J originally posted his complaint as a video on social media, and is sticking to his allegations, saying, “it definitely smells like racism.”

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