This Movie Rental Place/Pizza Store Hybrid Is Giving Us ‘90s Flashbacks

Marco’s Pizza has a unique partnership with the video rental place next door: You can order pizza while you pick out a movie


No, you haven’t accidentally stepped inside a TARDIS. A video rental store really does still exist.

It seems like only yesterday that we were spending our Friday nights in Blockbuster Video trying to choose between Titanic and She’s All That, but we’re in the golden age of Netflix, and the heyday of video rental stores has been over for almost a decade.That’s not the case for Family Video, a chain of video rental stores mostly located in the Great Lakes region.

Family Video has a “special partnership” with regional pizza chain Marco’s Pizza. Most Family Video locations are connected to a Marco’s, and you can order your pizza from a window inside the video store. Pizza and a movie in the same place? It doesn’t get any better than that. Plus, when you have Marco’s delivered to your house, your pizza delivery guy will return your videos for you free of charge.


If you’re not from the Great Lakes region, you may be in luck. Family Video’s website says it has plans for expansion.