Morrissey Compares Serving Meat at Live Earth Concert to ‘Selling Pistols at a Gun-Control Rally’

Offering meat and dairy at Live Earth would ‘make a mockery of the very concept of the event,’ Morrissey writes

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The singer called it a ‘moral duty’ for venues to serve 100 percent meat-free menus. 

In an emotionally charged open letter, Morrissey has asked former Vice President Al Gore to go vegan at Live Earth, the global musical event promoting environmental awareness that returns on June 18.

Over 100 artists are slated to perform across seven continents during Live Earth 2015, and each concert is scheduled to last approximately four to six hours. Morrissey, who has previously demanded that musical venues go strictly vegan during his concerts — including his upcoming performance at Madison Square Garden — has reinforced his policy in no uncertain terms.

“Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally,” Morrissey wrote in the letter, which was subsequently obtained by Rolling Stone.

“We already know that raising animals for food is a leading cause of climate change and that moving toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat climate change's worst effects. Animal agriculture severely affects the world's freshwater supply and is a major contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and air and water pollution, among many other harmful effects… If you choose to serve animal flesh at Live Earth, you'll be making a mockery of the very concept of the event, in which case it should be renamed ‘Dead Earth: We Contributed!’”

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