Miss Piggy One-Ups Gordon Ramsay on ‘MasterChef Junior’

The episode airs on Thursday, May 4, on Fox

Miss Piggy says she rates her cooking skills a 10 out of 10.

Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef are trading in The Muppet Show for MasterChef Junior on May 4, as they share the stage with the remaining contestants of the culinary competition.

Along with guest-starring in the episode, Miss Piggy is also preparing for her upcoming talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Miss Piggy dished on her feature on MasterChef Junior and how she really felt about host Gordon Ramsay.


Miss Piggy says what drew her to the show was the talent of the contestants.

“When I heard six of the greatest chefs in the world were going to be cooking, I was there,” Miss Piggy told EW. “These MasterChef Junior kids are all great chefs — young and talented, just like moi!”

She was only supposed to observe with fellow guest star the Swedish Chef, but when Ramsay and co-host Christina Tosi tempted her with a gift, she couldn’t resist.

“When I arrived, I had no idea that I’d be competing,” Miss Piggy said. “After all, it isn’t fair for a star like moi to compete against mere young people. But then, Gordon and Christina told me if I entered, I’d get my very own bedazzled MasterChef Junior apron. That was it. I love personalized swag!”

Miss Piggy also recalls her first impression of Ramsay, and referred to him as “the one who was yelling all the time.”

“I thought his name was Gaylord? Anyway, Gordon was fantastic and polite with the young chefs, but for some reason he constantly seemed to be shouting at moi. I think I made him uncomfortable because I’m so much better than he is in the kitchen.”