Mike Tyson Apologizes For Accidentally Stealing Ice Cream at US Open

Mike Tyson allegedly walked up to an ice cream vendor and swiped a treat, but a rep says it was a misunderstanding
“What are you gonna do? Punch him? It’s Mike Tyson,” one witness said.

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“What are you gonna do? Punch him? It’s Mike Tyson,” one witness said.

Representatives for Mike Tyson have apologized after the boxing legend accidentally stole a $5.50 bar of ice cream at the US Open. Tyson raised more than a few eyebrows after going up to a vendor, reaching into the freezer, pulling out a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar, and walking away.

“I was like, 'Yeah, what do you want me to do? Run after him?'” the ice cream vendor told the New York Daily News on Tuesday. “It was Tyson. I recognized him.”

The ice cream vendor actually approached Tyson later on and the boxing star acknowledged the incident.

“Mike got the ice cream and was going to have the host pay for it as he was running around with his family,” Tyson’s rep Jo Mignano said in a statement. “He was being pulled in a lot of directions as his daughter, Milan, is a rising tennis star and huge fan of the sport. He donated to the USTA scholarship fund. His host, David Slade [USTA National Manager], got the money from Mike and has made sure the bill has been taken care of.”

Thankfully, no one’s ear was bitten off after this incident.

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