Martha Stewart Calls Truce With Donald Trump: ‘I’m Excited’

TV personality and media mogul Martha Stewart has called off a decade-long feud with Donald Trump to ‘give him a chance’
Stewart called for people to stop “moaning” over election results.

Wikimedia Commons

Stewart called for people to stop “moaning” over election results.

Martha Stewart and President-elect Donald J Trump have a lot in common: They’re both enormously wealthy media personalities who have had their fair share of controversies and scandals. But the two have butted heads over the course of a decade after Stewart’s version of The Apprentice jumped the shark.Before the election, she called Trump “totally unprepared” to lead America, but now she is coming out in support of his presidency.

"I sent my congratulations to the Trump family, and I think they have an opportunity — let's see how they do with it. I'm excited,” she told the Chicago Tribune. “Guess what? Things change and you can't be moaning when you can't change what happened. Go with the flow!"

Stewart also joked with a crowd at a recent promotional event that “now we’ll finally have an entrepreneur in the White House!” adding that “he has no other experience but….”

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It looks like the feud has finally been settled. Stewart said she immediately wrote Ivanka Trump after the election and that she got a reply right away.