LeBron James Moonlighted as a Pizza Guy and No One Noticed

Hoops icon LeBron James fooled Blaze Pizza customers in Cleveland as an employee who goes by the name of ‘Ron’

 “You look like Dwayne Wade.” “Yeah, I heard of that guy.”

LeBron James, arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the NBA, fooled a pizzeria in Cleveland by picking up a pizza shift at Blaze and convincing customers that he — a towering 6’8” athlete — was just a regular employee named Ron, taking orders and carrying pizza boxes like the rest of the staff.

The funniest part is that LeBron is actually a founding investor in Blaze Pizza and surprised customers in coordination with managerial staff. He left his longtime sponsorship of McDonald’s last year to join the Blaze team, according to Sports Illustrated.

Particularly embarrassing is the young girl who insists that LeBron is a dead ringer for fellow pro-ball player and former teammate Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. We’re not sure how he even kept a straight face. During one customer interaction, a customer asks for spicy sauce and LeBron quips, “With a name like Fernando, it’s got to be spicy.”


You can check out the hilarious undercover prank video below.