Kids Try Dark Chocolate for the First Time, Absolutely Hate It

Some things only make sense to adults

Betrayal can be so bittersweet. 

A video from the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi proves that, while they can be very adorable, children are occasionally unable to appreciate all the good in the world — like dark chocolate.

In the video, a number of children are given their first piece of dark chocolate, and the reactions are hilariously negative across the board.
Each of them tastes dark chocolate containing 70 percent cocoa solids, by the way. In order to qualify, dark chocolate must contain 60 percent or more cocoa solids, while milk chocolate only needs 10 percent cocoa solids. Hershey’s chocolate contains 11 percent.

In any case, the slow-motion capture of children with complete and total faith in their beloved chocolate experiencing the utter betrayal of an unwelcome bitter-to-sweet ratio is both adorable and satisfying.

The ad, produced as a Hebrew commercial for Splendid Chocolates, ends with the promise, “When you grow up, you’ll get it.”