Kevin From ‘The Office’ Played Beer Pong Golf and It Was Glorious

Brian Baumgartner appeared on an episode of ‘Celebrities in Golf Carts’ where he played every bro’s dream game: beer pong golf

Beer pong golf: a college bro’s twist on the classic gentleman’s game.

For generations, party experts have wondered, is there a way to improve the simple, inebriation-centric game of beer pong? Well, Kevin from The Office has your answer: beer pong golf.Beer pong golf is exactly what it sounds like, and in a highly entertaining video, Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin Malone from The Office) demonstrates the game during an episode of Celebrities in Golf Carts, hosted by hosted by sports broadcaster Mark Willard (think a less high-profile version of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee).

Beer golf is a hybrid game of golf and beer pong in which the winner gets to chug beer out of a mug engraved with “Best Golfer Ever,” while the loser has to be content with drowning his sorrows in a red solo cup of beer.

Mark and Brian set up a giant beer golf course with pitchers of beer set up in a triangular formation on the green. Then, just like the original pong game, golfers have to do their best to get a ball inside one of the pitchers. The winner and loser both get to end the game with a glorious frothy mug (or plastic cup) of brews, so no one is a loser, really.

Catch more of the episode here: