Jeremy Lin Says He Hates All Soups

And fans are freaking out
Jeremy Lin

NBA Lakers

Lin admitted during a Facebook Live segment that he does not like anything with hot liquid or soup. 

Jeremy Lin revealed something about himself during a Facebook Live session last week that has shocked fans everywhere: He doesn’t like soup.

“I don’t like anything with hot liquids,” Lin said. “So that’s coffee, tea, pho, ramen — all these things. Anything that has really hot liquid or soup in it. I hate all soups, so…” First We Feast quoted.

The response from fans everywhere has ranged from disappointed to conflicted to outright denial.

One user tweeted, “Jeremy Lin hates soup, but is down with Subway. Calling it a net neutral?” Another wrote, “Jeremy Lin doesn't like pho… I'm out on Jeremy Lin.”

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During the fan appreciation Facebook Live session, Lin also revealed that The O.C. was his favorite show in college, and he “plans on braiding his hair on a regular basis with the Brooklyn Nets this season,” GQ reported.