Infographic: Kale, Ginger, and Other Food Names for Dogs on the Rise from Last Year

Cookie, Oreo, Peaches, Riesling, and Martini also made the list of the most common food-related dog names
Infographic: Kale, Ginger, and Other Food Names for Dogs on the Rise from Last Year looks at the way that Americans have passed down our eating habits to our pets.

All across the country, Americans are wearing their food-loving hearts on their sleeves — or at least, their dog collars. A survey conducted by (like Airbnb for your pup) reveals that food names for dogs rose by 37 percent from 2013, with top choices like Ginger, Pepper, and Peanut, among others.

To dig even deeper, there were names inspired by the produce section (Olive, Pumpkin, Barley) and the spice cabinet (Sage, Basil, Nutmeg).

People also named their dogs after their favorite alcohol: Guinness, Corona, Merlot, Vino, Whiskey, and Jameson, to name a few. The research also revealed that 20 percent of dogs named Kale live in Seattle, but San Jose, Calif; Los Angeles; and Baltimore top the cities with the highest rate of food-related dog names overall. suggests that because Americans have also become increasingly invested in organic foods and environmental awareness, there are also 78 percent more “nature names,” like Clover and Moose.

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Interestingly, the survey shows that “most dog owners must prefer savory snacks,” since more than half (55.9 percent) of food-named dog owners chose snack names like Pickles, Tater Tots, and various cheese-inspired monikers, while the remaining 44 percent chose sweet namesakes like Cookies and Candy.