This Hypnotic Spinning Cake Recreates the First Level of Super Mario Bros.

We can’t stop watching this epic Super Bakery Bros. video that mimics the first level of the classic videogame in cake form
Rescuing Princess Peach was just the icing on the cake.


Rescuing Princess Peach was just the icing on the cake. 

“We’re sorry Mario, but your dessert is in another castle!”

Thanks to stop motion animation, fondant, and a whole lot of patience, the Internet was treated to this impressive recreation of the first level of Super Mario Bros. in cake form. The epic YouTube video called Super Bakery Bros. was uploaded by GamerBoy Media and features Mario jumping, running, and avoiding mini cupcake Goombas.

In the video based off of the classic video game, Mario is a frosted cookie, the bricks are represented by brownies, and Rice Krispie treats appear to take the form of question mark blocks. And in case you were wondering — no, this sweet Mario is not quite invincible (he shrinks in size after a run-in with a dastardly cupcake).

At the video’s end, you can take a sneak peek behind the scenes with pastry decorator and baker Jamie Behrends from Sweet Stuff Desserts. It looks like creating a stop-motion film with baked goods is a tedious process.

We personally can’t wait to see what he does with an edible underwater world. 

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