Hugh Jackman Flipping Pancakes At This Restaurant Is Exactly What We Needed To See

Wolverine can slash bad guys with his gnarly claws and make a sweet breakfast? Is doesn't get any better than that. Hugh Jackman was recently caught flipping pancakes at a restaurant in Japan, where he was promoting his latest film, Logan.

In the photo — which Jackman posted on social media — he can be seen flipping fluffy ricotta pancakes at Bills restaurant. Even a working A-list action hero needs a food break!

"Was put to work on the line at @billsjapan ..... flipping ricotta hot cakes," he wrote in a caption. "Pretty sure I ate more than I flipped. If you're there or London or Sydney – you gotta go!"

We can't think of a better celebrity endorsement for a restaurant than an actor who loves the pancakes so much he's willing to work to eat them.

This isn't the first time the Wolverine star has proclaimed his love for hotcakes. In 2015, he posted a Dubsmash video about bacon pancakes.

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